Phase IV

Phase IV of Development of Carolina Point
Camper Dorm #3
(3rd & Final Dorm that adds 104 camper/leader bed
Club Room
(525 Seat Capacity Club Room with stage, projection, lighting and sound)
Dining Hall Remodeled
(Remove temporary club room and convert into full dining hall)
Landscape/Walkways/Irrigation  $40,000
Storm Water Control  $30,000
Work Crew Housing
(48 Work Crew Beds with common a
rea/meeting space)
Summer Staff Housing
(48 Summer Staff Beds with common area/meeting space)
Roads and Parking $400,000
Landscape/Walkways/Irrigation  $40,000
Storm Water Control $30,000
Office (Permanent office space for full time staff)  $525,000
Phase Four Total $7,315,000
                     This Phase increases Camper/Leader Capacity to 408

Phase IV is the final phase of construction. At the completion of this phase, Carolina Point will reach its maximum occupancy of 408 campers/leaders.
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